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Michael Joyce 9/12/07 History 151 Response Paper #1: Ragged Dick In Horatio Alger Jr.’s novel, Ragged Dick , he provides a formula to success in New York City in the late 1860’s. Alger shows that anyone can go from rags to riches with the determination to work hard and also by catching a few lucky breaks along the way. Dick does very well for being a young man, only fourteen years old without any parents. He displays his willpower to become more than a boot black when he overhears a man on the street talking to his son about how he can’t take him sightseeing in New York. Hearing this, Dick proactively offers to take Mr. Whitney’s son Frank around the city on a tour. Dick did this without expecting to receive a new suit from Mr. Whitney. Dick also takes it upon himself through the suggestion of Frank to get an education. He learns to read and write from his friend Henry by offering to pay an extra twenty five cents to live in a room on Mott St. with him. Dick’s willingness to go above and beyond
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