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FAKULTI KEJURUTERAAN ELEKTRIK SUBJECT: ELECTRIC MACHINE ASSIGNMENT 2 PAGE : - 1 - DEKM 3753 Set 1 a) In an ideal transformer, input power, P in is equal to output power, P out . However, it is not the case in real transformer due to existence of losses. Identify the losses in the real transformer and discuss the cause of it. b) A 1000-VA 230/115-V transformer has been tested to determine its equivalent circuit. The results of the tests are shown below. All the data given were taken from the primary side of the transformer Open-circuit test Short-circuit test V OC = 230 V V SC = 13.2 V I OC = 0.45 A I SC = 6.0 A P OC = 30 W P SC = 20.1 W i. Find the equivalent circuit of this transformer referred to the low-voltage side of the transformer. ii. Find the transformer’s voltage regulation at rated conditions and 0.8 PF lagging. iii. Determine the transformer’s efficiency at rated conditions and 0.8 PF lagging.
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