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Philosophy Exam Review 2 - Philosophy Exam Review 1 Hume...

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Philosophy Exam Review 1 Hume Ÿ What are the two types of moral philosophy? Man is chiefly born for action and man reasons Ÿ Philosophers of the first type make us do what with regard to the difference between vice and virtue? Make us feel the difference Ÿ Philosophers of the 2 nd type aim at what? Aim at the approbation of the learned and the wise. Ÿ “The most perfect character” is supposed to lie between what two extremes? Retaining an equal ability and taste for books, company, and business and preserving in conversation that discernment and delicacy. Ÿ What does Hume mean by “metaphysics?” Profound reasoning Ÿ What does Hume say he is attempting to do in this enquiry? Hume is attempting to throw some light upon subjects in his enquiry. Ÿ Into what 2 classes or species does Hume divide all the perceptions of the mind? Give examples of each. Impressions and Ideas. Examples: impression à Love Ideas/Thoughts à heat Ÿ By what are these classes or species distinguished? Impressions are distinguished from ideas Ÿ What is one thing that lies beyond the power of thought? Things that imply an absolute contradiction. Ÿ To what does the creative power of the mind amount? To no more than the faculty of compounding, transposing, augmenting, or diminishing the materials afforded us by the senses and experiences. Ÿ All our ideas are what? Naturally faint and obscure. Ÿ How are we to determine if a philosophical term is employed without any meaning? By imagining it has a determinate idea annexed to it. Ÿ What are the principles of connection concerning ideas? Resemblance, Contiguity, and Cause or Effect Ÿ What are the 2 kinds of objects of human reasoning? Sciences (Geometry, Algebra, and Arithmetic) and matters of fact Ÿ How are the propositions of the sciences discoverable?
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Philosophy Exam Review 2 - Philosophy Exam Review 1 Hume...

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