psl 431 exam 2 heart review

psl 431 exam 2 heart review - end lecture 22 back to modern...

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Unformatted text preview: end lecture 22 back to modern medicine- william harvey found that blood moved at 5 L/min cardiac output other circuliation- vienules - microscopic veins after capilaries- pulminary and systemic circulation in series- cardiac output ~ 5 L/m blood flow %'s- abdominal organs - 24%- skelital muscle - 20%- kidney - 20%- brain 13%- skin - 9%- other organs - 10% lecture #23 *** flow = driving pressure/resistance- F=P/R- flow regulated in the body with pressure and resistance- arterial pressure is P1-P2....or delta P....(arterial P - venus P)- change in pressure + with heart rate (short term) + with resistance (vaodialation....longterm) anatomy - - inferior venacava - blood from body below heart- supirior venacava - blood from upper body- right and left pulminary artery - feed right and left lungs- right and left pulminary veins - return blood from lungs to heart ****arteries have high pressure..viens have low pressure- right heart - feeds lungs- left heart feeds body right and left correnary arteries - feed heart (4% of flow)- brachial arteries - (right and left) feed arms- femoral arteries - (right and left) feed lower limbs carotid artery - feeds brain right and left renal artery - feeds kidneys celiac artery - feeds GI tract liver recieves direct flow from hepatic artery receives cerial flow from GI tract- hepatic portal vein - feeds from GI tract to liver- portal vein - feeds from 1 capilary bed to another capilary bed 3 portal systems- hepatic vien- hypoglyceal portal system - from pituitary to hypothalamus- glomeruli in kidney...first medulla(kidney) then glomeruli (glomerular circulation)- hypogastric artery - feeds genitalia- adema is pooling of blood and pulminary or systemic resistance term:..... R = (8*length*viscosity)/(pi*radius^4) Flow~dP/Resist resistance proportional to radius^4....2*rad --> flow *2^4- change in viscosity: pancitopenia - an increase in blood cell count (increase in hematocrit) hematocrit - the proportion of blood cell volume to / total blood volume anatomy cont....
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psl 431 exam 2 heart review - end lecture 22 back to modern...

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