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T HE C ATHOLIC U NIVERSITY OF A MERICA S CHOOL OF A RTS AND S CIENCES D EPARTMENT OF B USINESS AND E CONOMICS Course Number: MGT 218 Course Title: Microcomputer Application in Business Spring 2008 Credit Hours: 3 Classrooms and Class Meeting Hours: MGT 218 Section: 02 12:35PM 1:50PM Tu/Th McMahon 009 MGT 218 Section: 03 11:10AM 12:25PM Tu/Th McMahon 007 MGT 218 Section: 04 9:35AM 10:50AM Tu/Th McMahon 007 Instructor contact information : Shahin Mafaher Phone: (301) 279-9888 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: McMahon Hall 300 Course Description An overview course of the desktop computer tools used in the business setting with an emphasis on financial, accounting, economic, and information systems fields. Students are introduced to Office Automation Software (OAS) such as word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation packages, database management, desktop publishing, statistical analysis tools, and Internet page creation. Real-life business problems are discussed in class and students use the appropriate software package to examine the business problems, model possible solutions, and recommend managerial action. Computer laboratory assignments will
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be used to supplement the class. Prerequisite: computer literacy, use of the Internet, and familiarity with Windows and MS Office, or permission of instructor. Instructional Methods: Class lecture Computer lab Online practice exercises and assignments Required Text: Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced By Cable, Morrison ISBN: 978-0-619-18346-2 Supplemental material will be supplied by instructor. Course Goals To develop a framework that enables students to select and use microcomputer hardware and software applications such as Microsoft Words, Access, and PowerPoint. Topics include creating business documents, financial analysis, database management, and presentations. Goals for Student Learning
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This note was uploaded on 03/31/2008 for the course MGT 218 taught by Professor Mafaher during the Spring '08 term at Catholic.

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