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The Catholic University of America Department of English Fall 2007 Credit Hours: 3 Classroom: _________ Days and Hours of Class: T / TH 10:35-11:50 Instructor Contact Information: Name : Prof. Liz Hadley Office : 19 Marist Hall; Mailbox : 323 Marist Hall Office Phone : ext. 2019; English Office : ext. 5488; Home : 301-694-5983 (emergencies only) Email : [email protected] Office Hours : Online office hours (BB) by appointment only Course Description: An intensive composition course treating rhetorical concepts, logic, and research techniques applied to expository and argumentative writing. Students who wish to use computers in this course should register for one of the sections so indicated in the class schedule. Placement required for enrollment in this course. Fulfills university writing requirement. Instructional Methods: Lecture and seminar components Required Texts: Austin, Michael, ed. Reading the World: Ideas that Matter . New York: W.W. Norton, 2006. Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference . 6 th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007. Aims of the Course: Drawing on both classical and modern rhetorical concepts, this course focuses on cultivating your sense of writing as a rich, flexible system and on increasing both your facility and your confidence in writing effectively. It gives you experience in reading analytically and writing in different genres, and it fosters your ongoing development in discovering and developing essay topics, organizing diverse materials, conducting research, framing persuasive arguments, and exploring the elements of style. Expected Outcomes: Upon completion of the Rhetoric and Composition course, students should: 1. Be aware of some of the ways in which audience and purpose shape effective writing 2. Be familiar with using writing for exploration, inquiry, learning, thinking, and communication 3. Understand writing as a recursive process involving invention, arrangement, and style 4. Read analytically, summarize effectively, and synthesize the writing and thoughts of others in the development of original arguments. 5. Follow appropriate research and documentation practice 1
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6. Be aware of lingering habitual problems with basic features (syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling) and be accustomed to addressing these before turning in formal writing 7. Have an enhanced appreciation of the power and beauty of the written word Course Requirements: Students are expected to: 1. Read all assigned texts before coming to class. 2. Arrive promptly and with all necessary materials. 3. Participate actively in class discussions. 4. Complete and turn in all writing assignments on time. 5. Demonstrate academic honesty and integrity by avoiding plagiarism. Academic Honesty
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english syllabus - 1 The Catholic University of America...

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