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elements of a narrative

elements of a narrative - Man vs Man vs Man vs Setting...

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Name: _______________________ Elements of Narrative I. Directions: Define the following terms associated with narrative . Use pencil or leave room to add to or correct your responses. (Note: do not use any sources to help you with the definitions. Leave unknown definitions blank). Due Tuesday, Sep. 4 in class. Conflict : Five Types of Conflict (“man” vs. ______) Man vs. _________ Man vs. _________
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Unformatted text preview: Man vs. _________ Man vs. _________ Man vs. _________ Setting: Character: Point of View: 1 st Person: 2 nd Person: 3 rd Person: Freytag’s Pyramid: 1 Exposition: Rising Action: Climax: Falling Action: Conclusion/Denouement: Figures of Speech: Simile: Metaphor: Personification: Sensory Images: II. Directions: In the space below, briefly describe what you think makes a good story. 2...
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