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FOR 303 Homework 2

FOR 303 Homework 2 - Philip Mead Nursery Specialist US...

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October 10, 2007 Philip Mead, Nursery Specialist US Forest Service Highandry, NC 29090 Dear. Chris Goodgrower, Am I responding to you in regards to your results from the experimental treatments applied to your nursery seedlings. My goal is to aid you in your search for “bigger seedlings”. With this, I give you an analysis of the results from the experimental data you collected. Water Effects The effect of the increased water treatment on the seedlings was positive. As illustrated in Table 1, both root and shoot dry weights increased with the increased water application. When comparing the control seedlings with all standard applications to the treatment with increased water application, the total seedling dry weight increased by 2 grams. The physiological mechanisms involved in this are the increased turgor pressure, resulting in more cell growth, and increased photosynthesis, resulting in higher energy production. A short-term response to water could produce a long-term effect on increasing seedling size by providing more water for the processes of cell growth and photosynthesis.
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