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FOR 460 Term Paper

FOR 460 Term Paper - illustrated Unfortunately data...

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Controlling America’s Fires: An Analysis of Fire Suppression Policies in the United States By Philip M. Mead 10/29/2007 Abstract The suppression of wildfires in the United States, focused largely in the West, has long time been a controversial topic when considering methods used in forestland management. Over the past 100 years, great attention has been paid to practices preventing the occurrence of wildfires in primarily the western United States. With fire suppression efforts increasing, it would be expected that a negative trend in the national annual area burned by natural wildfires would be
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Unformatted text preview: illustrated. Unfortunately, data produced through recent studies contradicts this assumption. Increased practices of fire suppression have, in large part, played the major role in amplified wildfire incidences, affecting not only local landowners, but the general public and federal government agencies via national parks and forests. With the accumulation of heavy fuel loads and a lack of proper forest management efforts such as prescribed burning, fire occurrence in the United States is steadily on the rise and is desperate need of attention....
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