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GOV 1010 Final Exam Essay Questions

GOV 1010 Final Exam Essay Questions - made to resolve this...

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GOV 1010 FINAL EXAM – ESSAY QUESTIONS Discuss the four political challenges facing developing nations. What kinds of problems are inherent to each? How can these challenges be met? Briefly discuss the positive and negative aspects of the mass media’s role in political socialization. Specifically, how does the media help shape public opinion and, at times, even become directly part of the political process? What ethical questions do such situations pose? What are the five goals of democratic government? Give examples of how the United States government has attempted to achieve each one. Then give an example of how two of these goals have come in conflict. Have attempts been
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Unformatted text preview: made to resolve this conflict? How successful have they been? • Explain how the American and French Revolutions differed in their goals, methods, and basic philosophies. Which revolution was more similar to recent revolutions? Explain. • Compare and contrast the theories of war offered by Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Locke. According to each political philosopher, what is the key cause of war? What understandings of human nature inform these theories? • What are three nonstate actors in international politics? What are their roles? In your view, which one has had the largest impact on world affairs? Why?...
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