chapter004 - CHAPTER 4 Conveying Real Property Interests...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 4 Conveying Real Property Interests Test Questions 1. Which of these is not a requirement of a valid deed? b. Competent grantee. 2. The interest being conveyed by a deed is specified in the: b. Habendum clause 3. The highest quality form of deed is the: a. General warrantee deed. 4. A deed used mainly to clear up possible clouds or encumbrances to title (conflicting interests) is the: d. Quitclaim deed. 5. If a landowner sells the front part of a parcel of land, retaining the back portion as a land-locked parcel, and if there is an existing informal path across the front parcel to the back one, the seller is likely to retain the path as a (an): c. Implied easement by prior use. 6. If a neighboring land owner drives across a persons land openly and consistently for a number of years the neighbor may acquire an easement by: d. Prescription 7. If documents conveying interests in real property are properly recorded in the public records, then they are binding or enforceable on all persons, regardless of whether those persons are aware of the documents, by the: c. Doctrine of constructive notice. 8. Which of these is a widely used form of evidence of title b. Title insurance commitment. 9. The most common form of legal description for urban residential property is the: c. Plat lot and block number. 10. Factors that make it uniquely difficult to establish clear title in real estate as compared to most personal property items include: b. Length of the ownership history in real estate....
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chapter004 - CHAPTER 4 Conveying Real Property Interests...

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