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**Disclaimer** This syllabus is to be used as a guideline only. The information provided is a summary of topics to be covered in the class. Information contained in this document such as assignments, grading scales, due dates, office hours, required books and materials may be from a previous semester and are subject to change. Please refer to your instructor for the most recent version of the syllabus. MAT 117 Course Syllabus Summer B 2019 Online Arizona State University, School of Mathematics & Statistics Page | 1 MAT 117: College Algebra Online Summer B 2019 Course Syllabus: Section 45618 07/03/2019 to 08/13/2019 Instructor: Dr. Steven Brownstein Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M,W,F 2pm 3pm, and other times available by appointment Course Description: Welcome to College Algebra! The purpose of this course is to develop skills in Linear Functions, Quadratic Functions, General Polynomial Functions, Rational Functions, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions and Systems of Linear Equations. We will emphasize problem-solving techniques, specifically by means of discussing concepts in each of these topics. Course Objectives: Create a solid foundation of basic operations on numbers and applications in the real world. Students will be able to apply algebraic reasoning to solve a range of problems. Students will develop skills required for success in future studies in calculus. Textbook: You are not required to purchase a hard copy of the textbook for this course since the ebook will be available online inside the course. Reading materials will also be provided online in each lesson as pdf chapters. If you would like to purchase a hard copy, this is the text: College Algebra; 2nd Edition by Julie Miller & Donna Gerken, ISBN 978-0-07-783634-4. Calculator: A graphing calculator (such as the TI-83/84) is required . Cellular phone calculators and calculators that do symbolic algebra, such as the Casio FX2, Casio 9970Gs, TI-89, or TI-92, TI-nspire CAS also cannot be used during exams . The ALEKS Calculator will not be available in the class. A video recording of a graphing calculator workshop to help you learn to use a TI 83/84 calculator is available online at . 1 of 13
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