Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics w/CD-ROM

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Phys 295: Exam II 7 November 2007 Name: K uv l.Q0 pts) The gate AB is located at the end of a 6-ft-wide water channel and is supported by hinges along its top edge A, Knowing that the floor ofthe channel is frictionless, determine the reactions atA andB. gp62.4lUlt'l T% h; --. "." .-" """) X 1ot' to ?= *. R (xh) = | (c5*)(,oe*)(ar.q rufu*bXro6+) \8,14c \b+ r= xV= (,,'. .{rufb-')(i)(=)(t'b-)(r6+) 3jr,1 ,t"\b+ E1.r I \ ,';.; ,,' ',^ , {r'1o 6 l(?)furb*) -t (*tu)t \' ('5\ $ [r:.*ie11n,u*\ - s (:5fl r (*'' ttb hF)(**+) ' o {Fr=Q €Yt"o ft=[n"*A] a 4t,brips /N"\ O=*a,.,-\ lil)= 6b,t(o r $= 43,tr{to K,qs T+S, =e A"=-P An - ld +$ : O d AX= rd-B g* 4:"t Kigs f A" lt'lz K;P r N= Lf +,btsiqs , ?" 65,lKo
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Phys 295: Exsn II 2. For the truss shown answer the following questions: a. (5 pts) Is this a simple truss? frr= Z3 r-- 3 r n:\3 I- Con*q\c\a \ 1 Con s{rai Y" t" d S\*l i c a. \\\ de"-{ e r *'-ri '^ o-{ e- 7 November2007 r+rn =LU = Z-n r2.4m I I Itxtl I l,5fttt [n+3=]b= An Sin"?\e \rt rg b. (5 pts) Classi$ the structrne shown as completely, partially, or improperly constrained; if completely constrained, firrther classifu it as statically determinate or indeterminate.
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Exam2_2007 - Phys 295:ExamII 7 November 2007 Name:K uv l.Q0...

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