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Geometry and Trigonometry for ENGE 1024 It is expected that you will have memorized and are able to quickly and appropriately use these concepts. Right angle trigonometry Definition of Sine Definition of Cosine Definition of Tangent Other trigonometry Similar triangles Formula for the Law of Sines Formula for the Law of Cosines Relationship between degrees and radians Length Equation for circumference of a circle
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Unformatted text preview: Plane Area Rectangle Triangle Multi-sided polygon Circle Surface Area Cylinder Sphere Regular multi-sided Prism Volume Multi-sided prism Right cylinder Sphere Other F=ma Acceleration due to gravity, g, 9.8067 m/s 2 and 32.174 ft/s 2 Specific gravity calculations Density of water in SI and English Density calculations Logarithms Natural logarithms...
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