Exam 1 Cheat Sheet

Exam 1 Cheat Sheet - Write a Matlab function called...

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Write a Matlab function called peak_find that finds the two highest values in the input signal. There is one input to this function ( signal ) and one output ( peak_loc ). signal is a vector with two distinct peaks (similar to an R-peak in an ECG signal). peak_loc is a vector of the two index locations in signal of the two highest values. You do not need to comment your Matlab code. Also, please note that exact syntax is not critical (e.g. inserting or omitting a semi-colon at the end of each line is not important). function [peak_loc] = peak_find(signal) maxs = max(signal); signal_index = find((signal >= (0.65*maxs))); diff_index = diff(signal_index); interval = find(diff_index >1); index1 = signal_index(1):signal_index(interval(1)); [val1 peak1] = max(signal(index1)); index2 = signal_index(interval(1)+1):signal_index(length(signal_index)); [val2 peak2] = max(signal(index2)); peak_loc = [index1(peak1) index2(peak2)]; Thus, we can get the simulated time with the function calls: where after these calls, timeA and timeB will have the simulated times for driving by route A
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Exam 1 Cheat Sheet - Write a Matlab function called...

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