Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics w/CD-ROM

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Phys 295: Exam I Name: Each problern is worth 20 points. Show all of your work and assumptions. 1. Determine the forces in AB and BC (Units: lbs, in) 3 October 2007 6* '"'*l " G?,qo z 53,1o o(: .<: 9= B; {c^"^-'ffi) 3 G,1" fo^-'(#) )t ,l'" ne-\u.od T S'',^ (Ge,q') Fu" \a*: o{ cos''r'€ s Fou'= to# + F-: * 2( Soo)Fe* c0$ (6a,1') W l,o.d oQ s'rnf, ! K= 1O'- I F = 1o'-* $i^ (6e,s") ,3 ffi#* s00 -T-_- s ,j,^ fr. I F{e_\1 n- _tE <- lL\- Fog Cos I - Fe. eoS 6( F+B cos zb.b"-Fer Cos 3a$ o 9 Te. : I'tz F^U FB c Si r. ., 3G,1 ' 1r- f*s : q,lI't* | -n 5oo tbg 5oo _ F6g s'^ 26.u" BCO - \-np, Sinzto.Uo - O= tTn= O = Fg. I,rz ( $q+ rk) ( t , ta P^*) si n36,"r o
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3 October 2007 Phys 295: Exam I 2. A 300 lbs.is applied to point A on the edge of the wide flange beam. Calculate the x, y, and z components of the moment at B due to this force. (Units: lb1, in) A (36,7?.S) XIZU \=aL 2 - -Q F.r= (:oo ruq):;", ,o": t:?ln"i Fn = (3Oo tr"a) c or 3oo = zLo \t$ F* Fq sin soo : hto ttq) :i^ E6 o \\l,\tq e lltt[g F+ f, qo* 5oo 3 (r*tUo) cos foo l6q-lt"+ t z (+2" ) (lG? rb) - Y\$oJ ;1 b.'X- r1\\r$) = h,{r t'.il I .)(-rr.'!r. :t) r) (+ (u /-r \ 'L'o ' (= ,1) - {"}) - 'rto)' Xrt ,)fr ;6)[' lb f lr J' t_ +zJ Leo r pc '1 r- l{.
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Exam1_Fall07 - Phys295:ExamI 3 October 2007 Name Eachproblern worth 20 points Showall of your work andassumptions is 1 Determine forcesin AB

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