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When someone speaks about a college student, many ideas and stereotypes come to mind. Depending on the personality one has, everything from a nerdy kid studying to a frat boy partying sparks personal interest and ideas. This is because a college student cannot be defined as one single subject, but rather a series of sub-headings within the one congruent subject. The nerd. The nerd is a college student who loves to learn. This person can be found in the library before, between, and after class. When this college student is not in the library he can often be found hanging with his friends playing World of War Craft while discussing the various nuances that the female gender possesses. The nerd, more often than not, will find comfort in familiar territory and rarely takes chances. This college student will also be found pale as a ghost as he or she often eludes the presence of sunshine in order to join various chatrooms. However, it is the nerds who will become the general population of managers and CEOs in corporate companies. The Greek.
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