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1. [MI02 21.E.04.] 1/5 points | 2/4 submissions Last Response | Show Details All Responses Notes Along the path shown in Figure 21.41 the magnetic field is measured and is found to be uniform in magnitude and always tangent to the circular path. Figure 21.41 If the radius of the path is 0.03 m and B along the path is 1.4e-06 T, use Ampere's law to calculate the magnitude of the conventional current enclosed by the path. I = 2.638937829e-7 0.21 A. What is the direction of the current? into the page into the page 2. [MI02 21.RQ.08.] --/3 points | 0/4 submissions No Response
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Unformatted text preview: | Show Details Notes The magnetic field has been measured to be horizontal everywhere along a rectangular path x = 24 cm long and y = 4 cm high, shown in Figure 21.60. Along the bottom the average magnetic field B 1 = 1.5 10-4 tesla, along the sides the average magnetic field B 2 = 1.0 10-4 tesla, and along the top the average magnetic field B 3 = 0.7 10-4 tesla. What can you conclude about the electric currents in the area that is surrounded by the rectangular path? I = (No Response) 15.3 A Figure 21.60...
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