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Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch. 2, 9/11 History DU 140, 12:30-1:40 In all these documents, the Europeans and non-Europeans sought a lot from one another, both gaining something from the other, but in the end the non-Europeans lost a lot more than what was gained, whereas the Europeans gained a lot more. The first four accounts were very similar to one another, dealing with religion, trading, and most importantly what the non-Europeans were seeking from the Europeans. In all the first four accounts the letters were being written from one non-European king to a European king asking, for help from the Europeans in their time of need. Things that were asked of the European king, were things doctors and nurses, and help with building churches. The most important thing that was asked of the European kings, in all four accounts, is the fact of wanting less trading and traders in their land. The reason the non-European kings wanted less trading was because it was hurting the original communities’ economy, less and less businesses that
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