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Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch. 3, 9/20 History DU 140, 12:30-1:40 In this chapter, there are many viewpoints between the races. Some of the viewpoints describing order and potential disorder are broadly agreed upon throughout the free white colonists, and others are not. In the document, Opechancanough’s 1622 Uprising in Virginia , there seemed to be a broad agreement among the free white colonists about order and potential disorder. This document was written directly after a surprise attack from Opechancanough and the Indians. After this attack whites outraged and became extremely hostile towards the Indians. According to Edward Waterhouse’s declaration, this hostility and hate towards the Indians was shared among most or all of the free white colonists. Throughout Edward’s declaration, he makes and Ultimatum, he states, “[T]his must need bee for the good of the Plantation after, and the losse of this blood to make the body ore healthfull, as by these reasons may be manifest”(Johnson, 37). Edward is saying that the Indians must be punished for what they done, and Edward goes on to
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Johnson ch. 3 - Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch 3 9/20...

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