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Johnson ch. 6 - Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch 6 10/9...

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Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch. 6, 10/9 History DU 140, 12:30-1:40 In this chapter, one can tell while reading the documents that some colonists are unified while others, like the British loyalists and the colonists experience some conflict. The first two documents, Boston Massacre Oration and George R. T. Hewes’s Memoir , are very similar to each other; in that in both the colonists seem unified. In the first document, a man name Joseph Warren delivers a speech about the Boston Massacre, and motivationally states the colonists’ beliefs. Johnson states that, “[Warren] illustrates the arguments that made sense to many colonists and the passion with which they defended their beliefs”(Johnson, 97). This quote proves that, at this time of the speech, the colonists were unified in their beliefs, and there was starting to become a distinctive American identity. Like the first document, the second document also shows unity throughout the colonists.
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