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Johnson ch. 5 - Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch 5 9/27...

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Christopher Pracht Johnson Ch. 5, 9/27 History DU 140, 12:30-1:40 Throughout the documents, the reader can tell there are some big and some small differences in how relations among people from different racial groups compared to the people in the same racial group. The first document, Confessions of a Thief and Rapist , shows some relations between people of different race. Surprisingly, the black slave states that his white master treated him kindly; which is very rare during this time. The black slave states, “...and was treated very kindly by my Master…”(Johnson, 66). This quote proves that the relations, in this case, between the black slave and the white master is much like how one another would be treated or treat someone of their own race. Another instance like this one is between the black servant and the Indians. The black slave mentions a few times how he ran away to the Indians, and they welcomed him as one of their own. The black slave states his welcome, “...where I was introduced by my Companion, to an Indian Family…”(Johnson, 77).
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