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Physics 2206 - Practice Test 1 1. Heat is added to a substance, but its temperature does not rise. Which one of the following statements provides the best explanation for this observation? A) The substance must be a gas. B) The substance must be a non-perfect solid. C) The substance undergoes a change of phase. D) The substance has unusual thermal properties. E) The substance must be cooler than its environment. 2. A 0.030-kg ice cube at 0 °C is placed in an insulated box that contains a fixed quantity of steam at 100 °C. When thermal equilibrium of this closed system is established, its temperature is found to be 23 °C. Determine the original mass of the steam at 100 °C. c water = 4186 J/kg K; L fusion = 33.5 x 10 4 J/kg; L vaporization = 22.6 x 10 5 J/kg. A) 0.17 g B) 1.7 g C) 2.5 g D) 4.8 g E) 5.0 g 3. The ends of a cylindrical steel rod are maintained at two different temperatures. The rod conducts heat from one end to the other at a rate of 10 J/s. At what rate would a steel rod twice as long and twice the diameter conduct heat between the same two temperatures? A) 5 J/s B) 10 J/s C) 20 J/s D) 40 J/s E) 80 J/s 4. A hot metal ball is hung in an oven that is maintained at a constant temperature of 700 K. The metal ball cools. When the temperature of the ball is 900 K, it is losing heat at a rate of 1.0 J/min. At what rate will the ball lose heat when the ball reaches 800 K? Assume that the emissivity of the ball does not change appreciably with temperature.
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2206_Practice Test 1 - Physics 2206 - Practice Test 1 1....

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