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Staszak 1 Shannon Staszak Medieval History 115 Presentation - Development of Education in Medieval History Education is simply the transmission of culture and the collection of knowledge of that culture. The very beginnings of education consisted of learning the culture, molding behavior in accordance, and directing these ideas to an eventual role in society. Primitively education can be merely observing and absorbing one’s everyday environment. In more complex societies there is much more to learn, so education must evolve. The result is a formal education. As society becomes more complex and schools become more institutionalized, education is then less directed at daily life and more abstracted from practice and learning things out of context. This allows a better understanding of complexities, more so than mere observation and imitation. Additionally, as society attaches more value to education, people being to devise objectives, content, organization, and strategies of education. Education in Medieval history was very much centered around Christianity. Before and early in the time period only Roman schools which taught Greco-Roman non- Christian culture were available. After 313 AD when Constantine ended the persecution of Christians, however, catechetical schools began to appear, where adults would become religiously inducted to be baptized. One of these schools in Alexandria developed a much wider curriculum, including Greek science and philosophy in addition to religious studies. Since its creation, other similar catechetical schools throughout the Middle East developed. As Christianity became more formally organized, education became essential. The Catholic church developed a administration pattern making learning vital to its maintenance. There then existed two main places for education – Episcopal schools and monasteries.
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PRESENTATION - Staszak 1 Shannon Staszak Medieval History...

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