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Shannon Staszak . Medieval History 115 . 05/10/07 (rewrite .) A Death Dress . How could this happen to me? I pray night and day for God’s forgiveness for whatever I have done to deserve this punishment . My condition simply mystifies me; I have repented for my sins! I have confessed them all and done my penitence . I am so sorrowful for these that I have done , and yet I am rewarded with this imminent demise. As far as I can remember , I was never dishonest with my parents, and I was always as obedient as an adolescent can be . I have tried so diligently to follow the Lord’s will . And yet I am met with a hopeless fate: that of the Black Death . My father says it is a blessing , killing me before I have had the time to commit sins worse than those I have already committed . He even says I might have been saved from an eternal punishment with the devil himself . Still , I can see he is ashamed, and scared that I might some how pass my condemnation on to him . Everyone is afraid . Before I was infected , they were just part of the widespread panic . Now that I am one of the damned , they fear me as well . I fear for them , too. Oh Lord how I pray You will spare those that I love! I would go to mass and pray this , but I am too weak to leave my bed. Now I am left to kneel next to my bed , although soon I fear I will not even be able to do this anymore. I am familiar with the fate of those who become ill with the Black Death like me , and I know I will not
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endure much longer . My soon departure frightens me . Looking to the Lord , I wish for strength and comfort . Still , I am so unhappy with the life I have lived. I could have done so much more . My mother always commended me on my embroidery . I could have made the dress I always wanted . It would be blue , with a tight detailed bodess made of satin and white stitching . The skirt would be hemmed to my ankles with lace . Of course , my mother would think it gaudy and I would have no where decent to wear it . Additionally the fabric would most likely cost more than all the clothing and food we possess in our home! But I would feel like royalty . I believe I may have been hallucinating recently because of the fever; I remember wearing the dress , although it has never been made, and flying right out the open window . I flew right down into the street and walked up and down , around and around. I was simply parading through the town as people watched and smiled . They thought I was royalty as well! They cheered and small children asked me for coins of gold . Peasants followed and a few little girls grabbed the
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paper - Shannon Staszak. Medieval History 115. 05/10/07...

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