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Death in Venice Quiz Respond to the following prompts/questions to Marie de France. Make sure to write complete sentences and develop a well-formed paragraph for your response. Answers should be 100-150 words (more are acceptable). USE QUOTES FROM THE TEXT to support your claims. 1.Explain why Aschenbach feels a need to travel. 2.Given the many references to Ancient Greek myth and aesthetics, the Greek world was an important concept of Aschenbach. Dionysus is the Greek god of passion and excess. Give examples of the ‘Dionysian’ in the narrative—including
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Unformatted text preview:the reference to the Dionysian worship. 3. What could the 'painted old man' on the boat represent? 4. "And with courteous words and astutely wooing jests, Socrates taught Phaidros about desire and virtue." What is the importance of this line? 5. What are three images of death in the story? 6. What are the images of the ' unheimlich ' (Freudian concept of the uncanny) in the story? The following content is partner provided