Food Science 8a - Lecture 2 Food Additives Lesson 8 1 Two...

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Lecture 2: Food Additives Lesson 8 1. Two Types of Food Additives 1. Direct food additives: Chemicals intentionally added to food during processing (sugar, salt, vitamins) 2. Indirect food additives: are chemicals that make their way into food during production, processing, storage, o packaging 9plasticizers and machine oils) Examples of direct food additives: Sweetners 2. Regulation of Food Additives GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe Salt, sugar, spices and vitamins Regulated Food Additives: are deemed safe based on animal studies. Examples aspartame and yellow#5 Approval as a GRAS substance or regulated food additive limits the type of food in which an additive can be used, maximum amounts, and how it should be listed on the label 3. Functional Classification of Food Additives a. To maintain freshness by preventing spoilage or oxidative breakdown b. To improve acceptability by adding color or flavor c. To maintain product consistency or provide leavening d. To improve or main tain nutritional value through the addition of vitamins and minerals
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Food Science 8a - Lecture 2 Food Additives Lesson 8 1 Two...

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