Food Science 8b - Lecture 3 Food Colors Lesson 8 1...

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Lecture 3: Food Colors Lesson 8 1. Myoglobin- gives red meat its color. It is a globular protein with a central iron. All muscle tissue contains myoglobin. The central Fe binds oxygen. i. Color of red meat is determined by the charge of the Fe and the presence/ absence of oxygn Structure and function: planar structure with central Fe Myoglobin Native pigment:dark, purple red Oxymyoglobin Oxygenated pigment: bright cherry red Metmyoglobin Stored in oxygen at length: brown-red Denatured Globin Cooked: gray-brown 2. Chlorophyll: green pigment of plant material Structure and function: central Mg 2+ light-absorbing head , hydrocarbon tail i. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and through photosynthesis plants produce energy Lightly cooked or frozen green beans: escape of entrapped gas (dull green to vibrant green) Over-cooked or canned green beans: Replacement of Mg with H (Chlorophyll mg to pheophytin h+ ) Slow-cooking of green beans: loss of hydrocarbon tail (chlorophyll HC to Chlorophyllide) 3. Carotenoids
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Food Science 8b - Lecture 3 Food Colors Lesson 8 1...

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