Food Science 8 - Lecture 1 Testing for Chemical Safety...

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Lecture 1: Testing for Chemical Safety Lesson 8 1. A Patchwork of Regulatory Bodies USDA: regulates the safety and wholesomeness of meats, poultry and processed egss. FDA: regulates fruits, vegetables, seafood, milk and dairy products EPA: regulates pesticides used in growing crops and sanitizing chemicals used in cleaning food processing plants. 2. Important Terms Mutagen: chemical capable of changing the genetic material Carcinogen: agent capable of inducing cancer Teratogen: substance capable of inducing birth defects GRAS: a food additive that is generally recognized as safe 3. Early food laws: 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 1. Prohibited the addition of any igredient to a food that would subsitute for the food, conceal damage, pose a health hazard, or consititure a filthy or decomposed substance. 2. The weight or measure of a food had to be accurate 3. The food or drup label could not be false or misleading 4. The presence of 11 dangerous ingredients ahd to be listed 4. Food Additives Amendment and Delaney Clause
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Food Science 8 - Lecture 1 Testing for Chemical Safety...

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