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food science 5a - Lecture 2 My Pyramid Lesson 5 1 3 Key...

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Lecture 2: My Pyramid Lesson 5 1. 3 Key Messages of MyPyramid a. make smart choice within and among the food groups b. keep a balance between food intake and physical activity c. get most nutrients from your calories 2. 6 Basic Parts a. Activity b. Variety c. Moderation d. Propotionality e. Personality f. Gradual improvement 3. Activity a. 30 min of physical activity for health most days b. 60 min to lose weight or avoid weigh gain c. 60 to 90 min to maintain weigh loss What counts as moderate activity?- walking briskly, light work outs What counts as vigorous activity?... running, swimming, aerobic, hard work outs 4. The Food Groups List the 6 groups (5 food groups + oil): Grains, vegetables, fruit, oils, milk and meat & beans 5. Make half your grains whole a. 3 serving of whole grain a day What new product has been introduced that is increasing whole grain consumption? White whole wheat(made from albino wheat) 6. Vary your veggies 1
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Lecture 2: My Pyramid Lesson 5 a. Dark green b. Orange – butternut squash , carrots c. Legumes 7. Focus on fruits
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