HIS 212 CH 22 review questions

HIS 212 CH 22 review questions - Pat O'Connor maaaaaaaaaaCH...

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Pat O’Connor maaaaaaaaaaCH 22 Review Questions March 6, 2008 1) What were Roosevelt’s four freedoms? Which was the most controversial? Why? Freedom of speech, religion, want, and fear. Freedom of religion was the most controversial because America was a nation “under God.” 2) What was the Good Neighbor policy? Roosevelt’s attempt to form strong relationships with Latin America and pan- America. 3) Who were the three European dictators of the 1930s whose militaristic government’s moved Western Europe towards the Second World War? Stalin, Hitler, & Mussolini. 4) What is Fascism? Who founded it (Get this from your textbook and the Hyperlink in your list of assignments) An authoritarian political ideology, such as Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany. Founded by Benito Mussolini. 5) What was the deal made at the Munich conference of 1938? What did British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain hope to achieve? What has the term “another Munich” meant ever since? The deal made in Munich gave German permission to annex Czechoslovakia. British PM Chamberlain had been promised, by Hitler, peace on our time. People were afraid democracy would cave to Hitler’s aggression. 6) What was the non-aggression pact? Who signed it (countries and people)? What did both sides get out of it? This pact was between the USSR and Germany not to attack each other during WW2. Signed by Hitler and Stalin. This also included a “secret article” which stated how the two super powers would divide up the greater part of the world as it was concurred. 7) In what financial terms did the U.S. sell Britain arms? How did these terms change
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HIS 212 CH 22 review questions - Pat O'Connor maaaaaaaaaaCH...

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