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HIS 212-01 Tony Hillerman  Seldom disappointed  discussion questions: 1) What is life like growing up for Hillerman? What prospects for future success do the  children of Sacred Heart enjoy? What types of things connect them to the outside world?  How much do they travel? What sort of educational opportunities do they have? Who  provides these opportunities? 2) What sort of experiences were part of boyhood in rural American during the Great  Depression? How did this shape the generation that went on the fight in World War II? 3) What was it like going to college before WWII?  Did Hillerman have a positive experience 
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Unformatted text preview: with college? How unusual was it for someone like him to attend college before the war? How did his knowledge of the world change while at college? 4) Who was Jack McKeen and how did his values differ from Hillerman’s? 5) How does the chapter “sentimental journey” should give you a feel for the type of emotions and life changing experiences that Hiillerman underwent in the short amount of time between quitting school and joining the army. Like many men and women of his generation, the war would change Hillerman’s life forever....
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