[Soci250] 1126 notes Baudrillard

[Soci250] 1126 notes Baudrillard - Baudrillard"Operational...

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Baudrillard * “Operational negativity” (p 9) - negative in relation to positive - we only define something by its opposite - meaning as self-referential * “Reality/truth principle” (p 3) - “real reality,” illusion becomes reality * Feigning/Representing vs. Simulating - Feigning: like faking illness; “character acting” - Simulating: creating illness, assume the characteristics of it; “method acting” * Key concepts in Baudrillard Concept Baudrillard’s definition Baudrillard’s best example Your own example Simulacrum/simulation To feign to have what one hasn’t (p 2) Disneyland Starbucks Hyperreal Based on something that exists; “the product of an irradiacting synthesis of combinatory models in a hyperspace without atmosphere”(p 2); * Baudrillard: Reading Questions “Phases of the image” (p 484) Orders of simulacra (p 475) First phase: imitation (pretending to be something) “First-order simulacra”: aiming to represent reality Second phase: denial (pretending something
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[Soci250] 1126 notes Baudrillard - Baudrillard"Operational...

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