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[Soci250] 1112 notes Foucault - being watched or not;...

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Foucault - Bentham’s Panopticon Utilitarian - Plague Town Partitioning – divided up into small groups Network of authority figures Standardized High surveillance and account; people were not allowed on the streets to prevent the spread of the plague, were killed when caught outside Case study in discipline and power Disciplinary projects - external power; constant; fear; always watched; visible form of power; exerting control over people - Panopticon More characteristic of modern society; new way of how to discipline society and exercise power How it’s different from the plague town: less visible presence of power; uncertainty of
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Unformatted text preview: being watched or not; similar to intimidation; always assume that you are being watched “”In view of this, Bentham laid down the principle that power should be visible and unverifiable. Visible: the inmate will constantly have before his eyes the tall outline of the central tower from which he is spied upon. Unverifiable: the inmate must never know whether he is being looked at at any one moment; but he must be sure that he may always be so.” (p 5) Panopticon – internalized power, exerting power over ourselves...
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