[Soci250] 1116 notes Bourdieu

[Soci250] 1116 notes Bourdieu - agent are objectively...

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* Bourdieu Class, class fractions 1. managers / professionals (dominant) 2. office workers - concerned with petty work, home improvement 3. semi-skilled 4. unskilled / farmers - earns little spends little; concerned with survival - capital origins - capital -> production and consumption Forms of Capital 1. Economic : machinery, land, material goods, money, stocks, bonds, portfolio 2. Cultural: education, knowledge, expectations, networking, memberships, setting styles, norms Picture Diagram important * Habitus - structured structure: random; organized; organization on an individual level - the way groups act/ are treated - structuring structure: collective organization, class; classification - ex. The sorting hat, producing - “As structured products which a structuring structure produces through retranslations according to the specific logic of the different fields, all the practices and products of a given
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Unformatted text preview: agent are objectively harmonized among themselves, without any deliberate pursuit of coherence, and objectively orchestrated, without any conscious concertation, with those of all members of the same class. (p 409) Habitus: behavior, taste, differentiation, stratification -> inequality-System of socially sustained dominance and inequality Figure 3-upbringing, what an individual is born into -> impacts classification, habitus -> events lead to different tastes and preferences Taste: 1. Food - cuts of meat, organic, restaurants, fish, lean and healthy 2. Culture - art, music, sports, cars, social clubs, manner 3. Presentation clothes, shoes, hair, hygiene Distinction: distinct behaviors in each class, distinctions among group, based on behaviors/tastes...
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[Soci250] 1116 notes Bourdieu - agent are objectively...

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