2007.10.31 - Emancipation

2007.10.31 - Emancipation - EMANCIPATION History 150 ...

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Unformatted text preview: [ EMANCIPATION ] History 150 · Discussion 304 · Hughes October 31, 2007 T HE U NION W RESTLES WITH E MANCIPATION- How does Lincoln/How does the Union move form a war to “preserve the Union” to a war to “end slavery?”- this was not a common idea, this was not expected at all- many believed the war would end with slavery still intact in the South- Contraband Policy – Ben Butler, 1861- this is a surprise to everybody- the person who creates it, Butler, is a southern rights democrat- supports Breckenridge in the election of 1860- supports the rights and needs of slave-holders- he is named a general, this is to show it’s not a “partisan war”- Butler says, if there is a slave revolt, he will put it down- Butler is at Fortress Monroe, and these slaves arrive saying they were sent to reinforce the fort for the Confederacy- Butler says “a-ha, slaves are property, the south is going to use them against us”- he says he can seize the “property” so it isn’t used against the north- almost instantly, “contraband” is the term used to replace “fugitive” for slaves...
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2007.10.31 - Emancipation - EMANCIPATION History 150 ...

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