2007.10.11 - Lecture Title

2007.10.11 - Lecture Title - [LECTURE TITLE] History 119...

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[ LECTURE TITLE ] History 119 · Discussion 301 · Platt October 10, 2007 N ICOLAS C OPERNICUS (1473-1543) - the last Ptolemaic thinker - guided by recently discovered texts of Plato - purest answer is the simplest answer - hypothesis guided by values of harmony & clarity - De Revolutionibus - speculative: testing a theory - arrangement of planets, the sun, stars, earth - that would conform to their observed behavior - sun at the center of 8 spheres - planets revolve around the sun - stars do not move, but remain fixed in their sphere - starts are at rest - a simplifications - medieval “spheres” – “music of the spheres” - earth at center: spheres revolve around it - Copernicus reorganized the components - only earth & plantets’ movments explained - ultimately, Copernicus’ insight would eliminate the need for the medieval system of spheres - but he did not seethat, universe remained for him contained within a series of spheres - for him, the universe is finite - theory: based upon - observation and his commitment T YCHO B RAHE (1546-1601) - saw a comet - comet went in a straight line, that meant that there cannot be spheres
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2007.10.11 - Lecture Title - [LECTURE TITLE] History 119...

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