2007.10.25 - Commonwealth

2007.10.25 - Commonwealth - [COMMONWEALTH History 119...

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[ COMMONWEALTH ] History 119 · Discussion 301 · Platt October 25, 2007 C HARLES I. - On the 20 th of January 1649, the high court of justice found Charles I. King of England, Guilty of treason - This was the first time a court had claimed jurisdiction over a monarch - Charles refused to acknowledge the court’s jurisdiction - monarchs are born – God creates monarchs - On the 30 th of January 1649, Charles was legally executed for the crime of treason - no man is above the law - how did it come to pass, that a king would be executed? “C AUSES - it was inconceivable for anybody to place itself above the monarch P IECES OF E VIDENCE - Magna Carta: - Legendary foundation - of relations between king & nobles - it was not a document that spoke to all English men and women - it was certainly recognized as a foundation document - Utopia - theft punishable by death - Thomas More, in Utopia, asked, is property of greater value than life? - and I guess, yeah, the answer was “yes” - property a central value to commercial culture - sheep consuming England - enclosure: setting boundaries to land - defining “property” - property became a way of keeping wealth - The Stuarts - personal rule: king’s will - lacked Tudor charisma – power - Mark Kishlansky - if Charles I was so good, why was he executed? - Parliament Two Houses - House of Lords - this is a noble house - House of Commons - permits men who are not nobley born to participate in government - to what extent, eh, ya don’t know T ENSIONS - economic developments dissolving old bonds of service & obligation - 1605 the Gunpowder plot
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2007.10.25 - Commonwealth - [COMMONWEALTH History 119...

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