2007.11.01 - Instrument of Reason

2007.11.01 - Instrument of Reason - [INSTRUMENT OF REASON...

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[ INSTRUMENT OF REASON ] History 119 · Discussion 301 · Platt November 1, 2007 M EDIEVAL C ONCEPTIONS OF M IND TS O PERATIONS - there is no single model of the human mind operating in the middle ages - medieval theorists largely agreed that we think through images - memory was a system of mental images - reason: a method for organizing images in a manner they can be recollected - reason: a tool - Thomas Aquinas (d. 1273): dialectic - hypothesis: drawn from authority: Scripture, Aristotle, Augustine, medieval theologians - contra: also drawn from authority - discussion - synthesis: enable all human beings to live in harmony with knowledge - Thomas Aquinas had a mental breakdown at the end of his life - reason a method to move forward through the recollection of images M ICHEL DE M ONTAIGNE - family - father former of mayor of Bordeaux - mother was a converso - converso were people forced to be converted to Catholicism - his mother was born of a Jewish father that was forced to convert - siblings both Catholic and Huguenot - education - his father took him away when he was an infant, and put him out on the countryside - Montaigne’s first language was Latin - his second was Greek, then French - he had an extraordinary education - Etienne de la Boetie (d. 1563)
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2007.11.01 - Instrument of Reason - [INSTRUMENT OF REASON...

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