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Exam 2 Study Guide 315 - PSYCH 315 Fall 2007 Exam 2 Study...

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PSYCH 315 – Fall 2007– Exam 2 Study Guide The exam consists of both multiple choice and matching questions (50 questions total). Be sure to bring a #2 pencil and your student ID number to the exam. History Definitions – what are steroids *Ergogenic-enhances athletic performance *Androgenic- masculinizing/ naturally occurring male hormones *Anabolic- tissue building/ Schdule 3 classicfication “the clear” and “the cream” Gym Talk *Doping- use to increase athletic ability Stacking- using multiple steroids at the same time Shotgunning- consuming any steroid available Cycling- taking multiple does over a period of time, stopping, then starting again Pyramiding- gradually increasing the amount of steroids taken, then tapering off as event nears Plateauing- development of tolerance to steroid Who uses steroids * Males more likely/ young women fastest growing population/ often begins in highschool. *liver tumors and cancer. Injury to tendons/ ligaments/ psychological dependance and withdrawal symptoms. Cardiovascular effects/ MEN: diminished ability to produce serotonin/ stunted growth/ testicular atrophy enlarged prostate/ gynecomastia/ infertility/ impotence/ priapism/ baldness WOMEN: deepening of voice/ Excessive body and facial hair/ enlargement of clitoris/ breast shrinkage. Male pattern baldness/ cessation of menstrual cycle Steroid-like substances *Tetrahydorgestrinone *Androstenedione *Human growth hormone *creatine *ephedra Drug Testing *Blood sampling *saliva sampling *Urine sampling Enzyme immunoassay *Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry **Issues in drug testing- sensitivity, specificity, privacy Steroids at ISU
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**over 120 arrests made in steroid investigations Marijuana (Chapter 7) What is it? *Cannabis/ grows anywhere/ drug of its own class History *antimarijuana campaign- (Pharmacological violence thery and Gateway theory) failure of * Dangers: highly publicized/ a killer weed * Tax Act 1937 * 1942 removed from medicines 1970- schedule 1 drug *Today- still classified as a schedule 1 drug and gateway theory is still popular Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics Pharmacokinetics- Administration- inhalation or ingestion/ ave. joint 70 mg of TCH/ behavior effects- start immediately after smoking and last no longer than 2-3 hours/ distribution- quickly to all organs (fatty)/ more concentration of TCH in the organs with
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Exam 2 Study Guide 315 - PSYCH 315 Fall 2007 Exam 2 Study...

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