Primary sources for test 2

Primary sources for test 2 - Primary sources for test 2 1....

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Primary sources for test 2 1. From George Creel, How we advertised America (1920): a. Creel began working as a journalist in Kansas City and Denver then as the United States entered World War 1 he became the head of the government’s efforts to sell the war. b. Praised the arts of public relations i. Was subtitled “The first telling of the amazing story of the committee on public information that carried the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe.” 2. The posters (1920ish) a. The CPI pumped out 14,000 drawings; all together millions of posters were printed i. For the first liberty bond campaign two million posters appeared and this number increased to five million for the second liberty bond campaign and 9 mill for the 3 rd . b. Posters were employed to call for recruits, to request war loans, to make national policies acceptable, to spur industrial effort, to channel emotions such as courage or hate, to urge conservation of resources and inform te public of food and fuel substitutes. c. Provided a primary means of mass communication. (No TV’s) d. Thought of as “the weapon on the wall” e. During world war 1 these posters were able to pique emotions and bend reality by stereotyping Germans, Women, and their fellow Americans. i. Germans were often portrayed as faceless or apelike giving rise to the visual impression that they are a subhuman enemy. 3. From Waiting for nothing (1935) a. By Tom Kromer i. Road freight trains across the country ii. Was able to join the Civilian Conservation Corps which afforded him the time and money to write “From waiting for nothing” iii. Gives a sense of hopeless wandering and of the terror of being
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Primary sources for test 2 - Primary sources for test 2 1....

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