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MIAMI UNIVERSITY HISTORY 112 SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY March 26, 2008 THE ANTI-COMMUNIST CRUSADE Val Lorwin’s Story Questions to Consider Why Was There Such Fear of Communism? Why Was There Fear of Communist Subversion within the United States? How Did Actions of the Truman Administration Contribute to the Climate of Fear? How Did Joseph McCarthy Fit into the Anti-Communist Crusade? Cold War Fears Suspicion of the Soviet Union Fear of the Communist Party o The CP in America There were communist parties at universities such as Harvard and Yale In 1945 and 1946 70% of the us believed we could work with the Soviet Union Never very big Many who joined joined as solely as an economic alternative. o Fear of Foreign Influence The Truman Loyalty Program The Rhetoric of Politics o Truman made a deal to scare the hell out of Americans about communism o “All the things that we believe in are in great danger” The Temporary Commission (1946) o Lead to the federal employee loyalty program the next year
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