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HISTORY 112 SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY January 28, 2008 IMMIGRANT LIFE IN AMERICA My question: What was it like when you first landed in America—on Ellis Island? One Family’s Story--**issues being talked about today about immigrants related directly to class (past immigration); this is story of Winkler’s family history. From Austria to Palestine to America—grandfather came from modern day Isreal through Ellis Island (fathers, father side); one generation earlier (father’s mother’s side), etc. From Germany to America From Russia to America Questions to Consider What Factors Caused Immigration?—why people want to leave “the old country” and come specifically to America? What Was Immigrant Life Like?—see in the film Hester Street. Think about tesions, difficulties, etc. faced. What Were the Consequences of Massive Immigration—not just immigrant, but country as a whole—how did country change? Overview—what discussing today. Importance of Immigration Numbers of Immigrants Stages of Immigration Reasons for Immigration Identity of the Immigrants Immigrant Patterns Myths about Immigration Numbers of Immigrants—he argues that immigration is vitally important to history of U.S. and its developments. A long history (before civil war and still going on today) 1820-1920 -- 34 million—overall figure, rest break down more specifically. 1870-1914 -- 25 million 1870-1899 -- 11.5 million 1900-1914 -- 13.5 million—thus, approximately 1 million people came / year. 1
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