VOCAB LIST 1 - VOCABULARY LIST #l* 1. Aisle-Passage or open...

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VOCABULARY LIST #l * 1. Aisle -Passage or open corridor of a church, hall or other building that parallels the main space. 2. Arch -In architecture, a curved structural element that spans an open space. 3. Shaft -The main vertical section of a column between the capital and the base. 4. Altarpiece -A painted or carved panel or winged structure placed at the back of or behind and above an altar 5. Sinopia- The preparatory design or under-drawing of a fresco 6. Arcade - A series of arches, carried by columns or piers and supporting a common wall or lintel. 7. Stringcourse -A continuous horizontal band decorating the face of a wall. 8. superimposed orders - 9. arriccio - 10. tempera- A painting medium made by blending egg yolks with water, pigments and occasionally other materials such as glue. Ex. Saint Francis altarpiece 11. baptistery -A building used for the Christian ritual of baptism 12. terracotta -a medium made from clay fired over a low heat and sometimes left unglazed ex. Della Robia’s Madonna and child 13. bilaterally symmetrical- 14. tondo -A painting or relief of circular shape 15. Burin -A metal instrument used in engraving to cut lines into the metal plate. 16. transept -The arm of a cruciform church perpendicular to the nave 17. Byzantium- 18. Memento mori - Latin for “remember that you must die.” An object such as a skull symbolizing the transience of life. Ex. The holy trinity 19. Trefoil -an ornamental design made of three rounded lobes placed adjacent to one another. 20. Campanile - the Italian term for a free standing bell tower. 21. Modeling -The process of creating the illusion of three-dimensionality on a two- dimensional surface by use of light and shade. 22. trompe l’oeil -A manner of representation in which the appearance of natural space and objects is re-created with the express intention of fooling the eye of the viewer. 23. Capital -The sculpted block that tops a column. 24. module -A segment or portion of a repeated design 25. Vanishing point -the point on the horizon line at which orthagonals meet. 26.
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VOCAB LIST 1 - VOCABULARY LIST #l* 1. Aisle-Passage or open...

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