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Lauren Fridley Psych 211 Paper 1 9/25/07 “Is developmental Psychology a psychological perspective or is it something else?” By: Lauren Fridley The purpose of this paper is to answer the questions “Is developmental psychology a psychological perspective, or is it something else?”. In doing so I will explain what each one mean and give a brief background on developmental psychology then conclude with what I think developmental psychology is and why. According to the textbook for class Developmental psychology is “the branch of psychology devoted to identifying and explaining the continuities and changes that individuals display over time.”(Shaffer and Kipp, 2007) By the latter part of the 20th century, developmental psychologists had become interested in many broad issues dealing with the psychological process throughout life, including the relation of heredity and environment, continuity and discontinuity in development, and behavioral and cognitive elements in the development of the total person. Developmental psychology deals with behavioral changes within persons across the life span and with differences between and similarities among persons in the nature of these changes. Its aim, however, is not only to describe these interindividual changes and interindividual differences but also to explain how they come about and to find ways to modify them in an optimum way. In addition, developmental psychology recognizes that the individual is changing in a changing world, and that this changing context of development can affect the nature of individual change. Consequently, developmental psychology also deals with changes within and among biocultural ecologies
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Psych Paper 1 - Lauren Fridley Psych 211 Paper 1 9/25/07...

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