Turn of the Century Life

Turn of the Century Life - MIAMI UNIVERSITY HISTORY 112...

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MIAMI UNIVERSITY HISTORY 112 SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY January 30, 2008 TURN OF THE CENTURY LIFE Reflections on Urban Life in America—writers and poets wrote both as proponents and critics of urban areas (example was of Chicago) Questions to Consider What Was Life Like for the Working Classes? The Middle Classes? How Did People Amuse Themselves? How Did Gender and Race Factor into the Equation? Working Class Life Living Conditions o Near City Center—where wealthy tended to live until urbinization grew, transportation got better, etc. in early 1900s. The wealthier you were the further you would tend to live from the center of the city. o Crowding—the poor thus, started to live in the city centers . A lot of crowding issues. o "Dumbbell" Apartments —shape of building was like a dumbbell. There would have been four to six levels and in each apartment you would have about 10-15 people living! VERY PACKED! o Observations of Jacob Riis in How the Other Half Lives— in book describes NY city. Described the chaos, business, ect. In the city. Most famous for describing city as a kind of crazy quilt. He included many pictures in book and thus gave a graphic image of the difficulty of immigrant Americans during time. Working Conditions –others investigated specifically this. o Long Hours o Child Labor o Observations of John Spargo in The Bitter Cry of the Children —docuemented how many children were forced into labor since family needed money. Thus, could
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Turn of the Century Life - MIAMI UNIVERSITY HISTORY 112...

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