103 Definitions - Neoliberal approach International regime...

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Definitions List Collective goods problem Defection Dominance Reciprocity Identity Actors State Nonstate actors IGOs NGOs MNCs Substate actors Individual level Domestic level Interstate level Global level Globalization North South Gap League of Nations Munich Agreement Containment Appeasement Perestroika Realism Realpolitik Four Realists Power Geopolitics Anarchy Soveriegnty Great powers Middle powers Power distribution Polarity Hegemon Hegemonic stability theory Alliance Coalition Alliance cohesion Burden sharing Client states NATO Warsaw Pact US Japanese Security Treaty Nonaligned movement Statecraft Deterrence Escalation Compellence Arms race Rational actors Strong leader/unitary actor assumption National interest Cost benefit analysis Game theory Zero sum games Non zero sum games Prisoner’s dilemma Kant’s Peace Theories (3)
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Unformatted text preview: Neoliberal approach International regime Collective security Constructivism Postmodernism Marxism Normative bias Conflict resolution Mediation Arbitration Militarism Positive peace Structural violence Peace movements Internationalist wing Pacifist wing Feminist scholarship Difference feminism Liberal feminism Postmodern feminish Gender gap Cognitive biases Bounded ratoinality Optimizing Satisficing Prospect theory Editing phase Evaluation phase Reference point Groupthink Iran contra scandal Crisis Foregin service Embassies Interest groups Lobbying Military industrial complex Revolving door Public opinoin Rally round the flag syndrome Diversionary foreign policy...
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103 Definitions - Neoliberal approach International regime...

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