Smith Assingment - Daniel Miller Dr. Urish WRA 150 12 March...

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Daniel Miller Dr. Urish WRA 150 12 March 2008 The text The Age of the Tail , by journalist H. Allen Smith, focuses on the first 40 years of the human tail, after the first person with a tail was born on “September in the year 1957 at five thirty-five o’clock in the morning” (4). Smith discusses what effects the tail had on society, such as the change in education to support classes focusing on the tail as it takes many skills to have full power over ones tail. The tail appears to have muscled its way into every imaginable facet of life, even in determining the age of women, as those in their forties “have difficulty passing themselves off as being in their thirties” (Smith 58). These women would often receive artificial tails to appear younger, no matter what the cost to their bank account. The tail penetrated fashion with every major designer now offering tail jewelry, and even hit the media spawning shows like Whose Tail is This? which was a wildly popular panel show (Smith 136). However, there is more to the story that Smith left out, perhaps he felt it to be inappropriate to talk about these issues, we may never know. Below is a continued chapter to Smith’s novel where I will be focusing on the close link between the tail and the brain, and how this caused a surge in heroin usage in the Seventies. Heroin use had been minimal before the tail, and it is evident through recent studies that the age of heroin had arrived with epidemics of usage in various cities between 1968 and 1972 (Executive Office of the President 102). Scientists tried to explain the usage of this illicit drug by
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Smith Assingment - Daniel Miller Dr. Urish WRA 150 12 March...

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