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Miller 1 Daniel Miller Dr. Urish WRA 150 12 March 2008 Objects often used in our daily life have secret messages which can be discovered under the microscope of a social scientist. Many social scientists refer to this hidden world as semiotics. A cultural anthropologist, Arthur Asa Berger, dissects a typical American morning and how our daily rituals have secret meanings in the book Bloom’s Morning: Coffee, Comforters and the secret Meaning of Everyday Life . The semiotics Berger discusses in his book range from the beds we sleep on, to the clothes we wear, and even to the way we prepare our breakfasts. Often, with everything we do, we are striving to obtain a lifestyle fit for a king, a lifestyle that emulates what popular culture has deemed worthy. Semiotics is the study of figuring out why people do what they do, how they interact, and how they behave. Social scientists believe it is worth while in understanding the behaviors of people as different theories state different logical explanations to our action. One such thing that Berger notes is that people wish to sleep on king size beds, because this allows us to “[become] kings ourselves…and perhaps even more important, [replace] former kings” (46). This is a subconscious fact that people don’t necessarily think about when they lie down for bed; however, once brought to their attention people can realize the rationale behind their behavior. In relation to the way people sleep, the way we dress is often a statement about an
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Berger Assingment - Miller 1 Daniel Miller Dr Urish WRA 150...

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