Final Exam - Louis Wirth-One of the first scholars that...

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Louis Wirth -One of the first scholars that defines what a city is, born in Germany and earned a PHD at U of Chicago, wrote “The Ghetto”, first to apply this term to black neighborhoods and talks about Rural Urban Continuum which states that rural and urban areas are very close to each other, but completely different. Rural and Urban is a spectrum, not black and white, people don’t give up their history. W.C. Handy -Professor at a black college and taught music theory, big composer for first 1/3 rd of life, inappropriately labeled the blues as ragtime, then began to send associates to the Mississippi delta to discover what blues is really about. He was interested in the blues/race music, and wanted to discover what his people were singing. First guy to popularize and make money off blues. Charley Patton -Spent most of his life in the Delta, a very prominent blues musician. Was discovered by Handy’s field agents and was essentially a starter of the blues movement. Played the blues at a place called the dockery plantation which interested more blacks to go work there to listen to him. More bluesy/ field holler music. Robert Johnson -Also spent most of his life in the Delta and was a student of Patton, Started to get noticed in Memphis and Chicago and had a much more blues sound than Patton did. Homer Plessy- A man who was 1/16 th African, told conductor he was 1/16 th black just so the conductor would tell him to move so that he could make a legal case out of it showing the racial prejudices that exist. Blind Lemon Jefferson -Said foundation for blues was laid, but there was much more room for different forms of blues. Started “texas” branch of blues Winthrop Jordan -Wrote “White Over Black”, Tries to understand where racial situation of U.S. comes from, the Fears and anxieties that sent fore fathers to new world manifested itself into racism, concerned after migration about who we were as a racial system, creates jim crow laws. William Julius Wilson -Issues that Jordan worries about are becoming less important, Wrote “declining significance of race”-not race but class and status are what matter in this country, Jordan and his followers say that race still matters, Wilson says that it does not Thomas Skidmore -Professor at Brown, historian of race in brazil, Race is a continuum, you are a series of races, not one drop of blood defines your race, various types of race Horace Cayton -One of authors of “Black Metropolis”, Being black in America isn’t just about being oppressed but it’s what you make of it, Grandson of first black governor, Son of first black newspaper man, Interested in Chicago Blues Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) - A local star in the south Bronsville Missippi, everyone goes to see him play, Was recorded by Lomax and began to receive commercial success, Then moves up to Chicago so he can take his career farther, his music is much more complicated than rural blues, adds piano, Memphis Slim (Peter Chatman) -Combines Jazz and Blues, Never a country boy, so didn’t have to rethink
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Final Exam - Louis Wirth-One of the first scholars that...

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